WRS  2004

4th International Workshop on Reduction Strategies in Rewriting and Programming

Round table on Strategies in Programming Languages Today

June 2, 2004          Aachen, Germany


Our abstract models, definitions, and analysis techniques are basically developed for full rewriting with TRSs and they do not easily apply to real programs using

  • strategy languages (or a fixed strategy),
  • conditional TRSs,
  • type/sort information,
  • higher-order functions,
  • polymorphism,
  • data structures,
  • built-in symbols,
  • ACI symbols,
  • shared information (graphs instead of terms),
  • modules,
  • ...

In this setting, we could think whether we have the appropriate

  • notion of strategy?
  • definition and methods for analyzing termination of programs?
  • definition and methods for analyzing determinism, unicity of NFs,...?
  • approach for analyzing complexity and measuring efficiency?
  • strategy languages?
  • ...
From a less technical, yet interesting, point of view, other aspects which could also be addressed are:
  • why has this been ignored so far in that community?
  • what is being developed in parallel (and under different terminology) in related communities?
  • are neighboring communities (in the scope of WRS) able to talk to each other and understand what the other does?
  • what are the main goals and research trends related to WRS topics in these communities, and how do they interrelate?
  • ...


The round table will take 60' (closing the workshop). Among others, the following programming languages, where strategies play a prominent role, will be discussed:

The following invited speakers will participate in the round table:
              Francisco Durán            Málaga (Spain)
              Claude Kirchner            Nancy (France)
              Ralf Lämmel            Amsterdam (The Netherlands) 

During the first part of the round table, they will summarize the current state of the art of strategies in the realistic modeling, analysis, optimization, and application of the previous programming languages. The following position papers will be presented:

After that, the discussion follows. The round table will be moderated by Salvador Lucas (TU Valencia, Spain).  

Want to participate?

The date for WRS is June 2 (Wednesday), 2004. WRS is part of the Federated Conference on Rewriting, Deduction, and Programming (RDP) consisting of several co-located meetings on May 31 (Monday) - June 5 (Saturday), 2004.

Starting from now, the round table could greatly benefit from many experiences, questions, remarks, suggestions, etc., which interested people is willing to ask or share. Valuable contributions could also be added to this WWW site and eventually discussed during the round table. So, please, if you have any comment or suggestion which could be useful for the general discussion, please send an e-mail to